Impressions on 2.1.2

Impressions on 2.1.2
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I have mixed feelings regarding the new WebGL support with cocos2d-html5 2.1.2. I loved that OpenGL works so fast and with a lot more flexibility than canvas. However, I found several times during development that the screen (in Chrome) didn’t show up when I typed the URL nor when I tried to refresh. I had to cut the URL, open a new window and then paste the URL to have it working, and this happened several times. I don’t know if it’s a Chrome issue or cocos2d issue, I wish I had more experience with HTML5 to help you out. It also doesn’t work when I go to Chrome in the iPhone and type the URL, but it does work on iPad.

I’m releasing a new game on Monday and I took the decision of switching back to 2.1.1. Canvas support, although a bit slow, it gives me more security on its workings (and opens perfectly on most platforms).

Kudos to the cocos2d-html5 team. I’ve been testing the library since less than 3 weeks ago, I have done two games already, and I feel it is as easy to work with as ActionScript 3 (been programming in Flash since years).


The WebGL renderer of Cocos2d-Html5 is beta version, It has some bugs.

Cocos2d-Html5 has a toggle flag to switch render mode, you can add this code in cocos2d.js
renderMode:1, //Choose of RenderMode: 0(default), 1(Canvas only), 2(WebGL only)
It means use canvas render mode only.

WebGL doesn’t support on almost of mobile browser:(

Thank you for your support, Ciro Duran.