I'm lost on setting up the environment

I'm lost on setting up the environment
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Hello everybody.

This is my last chance… I passed all my day trying to design my own “Hello World” as app from my computer but I wasn’t able.

I have:

Linux - Ubuntu 12.04 64 Bits - 8 Gb.

I’m developer of Android, so I have my Android SDK and Eclipse with ADT Plugin… I unzipped also the Android NDK.

What I understood today is to create a new project and then make the ./build_native.sh, but nothing else. I want to start writing a new project as I use to do in Android, but I don’t know how to do it.

How is the environment for debugging? I mean, when I have to debug an Android app, I use to RUN it to my device and suddenly it sets up the app and I can see it… is it the same with the Cocos2d-X on an Emulator/Device ???

I’m sorry if I look like too noob.

Thanks in advance.


Please refer to the documents in the news http://www.cocos2d-x.org/news/192.