IAP v2.4.0.3 price value problem

IAP v2.4.0.3 price value problem



In Android when we fetch item price value its showing like IAP: Price Value: 270000000.000000 instead of IAP: Price Value: 270.000000
This was working fine in v2.4.0.2 but after upgrading to v2.4.0.3 this problem is coming.
Also whenever we try to purchase consumable items again it says Purchase Failed: 7 item already owned

Platform: Android (any version)
Cocos2d-x 3.16 (c++)



@htlxyz plz take a look.


we will look into this two issues ASAP.

  1. price value issue, try this zip

PluginIAP.jar.zip (19.8 KB)

  1. can’t purchase again. i tried, but can’t reproduce. can you show your test code?


are you invoke IAP::setAutoFinishTransaction(false); ,
if you disable auto finish trasaction, you need invoke IAP::finishTransaction("production_id");

IAP Plugin Error: "This In-App Purchase has been already bought. It will be restored for free"

Its fixed in this jar file.

So we checked our code its happening because of sdkbox::IAP::enableUserSideVerification(true);
We are verifying with our own server.


PluginIAP.jar.zip (19.5 KB)

try this, fix can’t purchase again.


It seems working now but for already purchased consumable IAP is still giving error.
What to do for those ids?
OnPurchaseFailed is calling with error code 7.


try finishTransaction(product_id)


Thanks its working fine now.
is this fix apply into next release? when?


Planned for release on 2018/09/05. But it’s on staging server.


ohk, meanwhile can i use this in production build or should i wait?
I am asking for both Onesignal & IAP.


plz use this in production.