How would I distribute a Windows 7 build of my app for testing?

How would I distribute a Windows 7 build of my app for testing?
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I’m very new to VS and C++ development, and I’m not sure how to package my game into a localized file or directory that I can send to my artist and designer, who work remotely. How might I go about doing so? At the moment, I can’t even run the Application that is the output of the build process, in Windows. I assume it crashes on startup.

If there is a readme or tutorial somewhere that I haven’t seen, that’s probably all I need directed toward, since I haven’t been able to find one.

I’m not actually planning for a windows release, although that is where I have done about half of my debug testing.


Probably app crashes due to missed dlls (shared libraries with .dll extension) - so copy such dlls to folder where executable is placed. Dependency Walker can help to find these libraries.


Also ensure the working directory is set correctly. This one tripped me up with I compiled my game with VS 2010.


I was having the same problem, but found the solution:

You can put the .exe and .dll generated inside Resources folder or you can add CCFileUtils::sharedFileUtils()->addSearchPath("Resources"); to your AppDegate, then you just need to copy the resources folder to the Debug/Release.win32 or copy the .exe and .dlls to the project root folder.

Although this last solution seems to be a little complicated, i find it better as it leaves all resources inside its separated folder.