How to use CDAudioManager?

How to use CDAudioManager?
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I need to set panning setting of sfx being played, thus I came across to find out that CDAudioManager has this ability not SimpleAudioEngine.
So how to use it in cocos2d-x?


Okay, I just see that SimpleAudioEngine actually has this ability but C++ interface is not implemented just yet to set panning option whenever we need to play sfx.
You need to overload or add more functions to receive pan setting for *playEffect* function, see file.


SimpleAudioEngine is very limited but I wonder if it only has the functions that every platform supports.

There does not seem to be a CDAudioManager version for Android so we don’t have higher (or is it lower) level access to the audio system.


Thanks for mentioning it Adam. I just know that why there’s not any deeper support for it as I found here
But it seems someone there have a solution for Android.

I saw there’s an issue created there in the link, but it seems not finish yet.