How to use ccbi in lua

How to use ccbi in lua
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hello , does enyone know how to use CocosBuilder in lua-scripts .


Actually I have the same quesiton, and I have made research about that problem for 2 days.

Until now, what I have learned about that problem:

  1. When we load the ccbi file, the ccbReader will call the loader and bind one layer in the loader. Using this layer, the reader will bind the user input action with the relative methods of this layer by calling onResolveCCBCCMenuItemSelector & onResolveCCBCCControlSelector & onAssignCCBMemberVariable.
  2. In javascript_binding, we can see that the implementation just create a proxy and forward all the calls to javascripts. That is a very smart implementation.

But because I am a new guy for lua, I am not sure whether we can do the similar thing in Lua. For example, we can call one method which is in the lua script. If someone has the idea, please help!


I have the same problem.


check this thread