How to use b2MouseJoint?

How to use b2MouseJoint?

I can’t find any code example of how to use b2MouseJoint in my game?
Any tutorial or documentation sample?


ANyone? I can’t find any example if cocos2d-x tests even.


I believe b2MouseJoint is box2d just google it. Bunch of examples using it.


I can’t find any for cocos2d-x examples.


Does anyone using box2d and mouse joint? Can someone show an example of use with a code?


There are very nice videos out there (by the coding train on youtube).

Maybe he might help you!


Any links?


I believe in your skills! Just type “box2d coding train” in the search box centered on the youtube page. It is a playlist of 10 videos. One actually covers the mouse joint!


Is there any C++ code sample of full tutorial? I don’t see any!

@zhangxm can you please help with this thread? I can’t find any examples.


is there any C++ code sample of full tutorial? I don’t see any! Github links not works.


I think he posts the code somewhere. Look in the video description.

It is not c++ but it is so similar you will understand it !


As I already said - github links doesn’t work.

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I think you can google box2d tutorial for the usage. I don’t have more information than that, sorry.


What links don’t work? Show me so I can see why.


Thats I already tried and I can’t find any cocos2d-x examples. Does cocos2d-x developers provide any such example?
Thats all sounds like abandoned engine, I’m asking how to use mouse joint in the top 1 physics game engine for mobile games - box2d, and there I got a question - just google man… from engine dev…


I think it is pure box2d issue, does it relate to cocos2d-x? May be i misunderstood your question. If you want to know how to use box2d in cocos2d-x, then you can refer to the codes under Box2dTest and Box2DTestBed in tests/cpp-tests/Classes.