How to run an action when a sprite is touched on cocos2d-x 2.2

How to run an action when a sprite is touched on cocos2d-x 2.2
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Hi, I’m following a tutorial about that, but the code is relative to a little old version of cocos2d-x so, something is not working. Here is part of the code:

void HelloWorld::ccTouchesBegan(cocos2d::CCSet *pTouches, cocos2d::CCEvent *pEvent)
    CCTouch *touch = (CCTouch *) pTouches->anyObject();
    CCPoint location = touch->getLocationInView();
    location = CCDirector::sharedDirector()->convertToGL(location);

    if(CCRect::CCRectContainsPoint(mySprite->boundingBox(), location)
        mySprite->runAction(CCScaleTo::create(1, 1.1));


CCRectContainsPoint has been replaced with *containsPoint()*. So, How can I use it?


I am doing something like this:

 if (field.getFieldSprite()->boundingBox().containsPoint(location))
    // we touched a field. Lets see what we can do with it in current state.
    Utils::LogTextWithInt("touched field #: ", field.getFieldNumber());


getFieldSprite() … What the hell is it? I have not found any method like that. I’m using cocos2d-x 2.2 api. Is working for you?


`getFieldSprite() ` is one of my functions that returns the sprite I am doing `->boundingBox().containsPoint(location))` on.


Ok Jason! Now Works all right! Thank you so much! :wink:


@Sandro Italiano
You can use it like this

if (mySprite->boundingBox().containsPoint(location))
       mySprite->runAction(CCScaleTo::create(1, 1.1));


@Minggo Zhang
Yes I did it just like that! :wink:


@Ken Linak,
I tested your codes on cocos2d-x3.0beta. It works perfectly. And cocos2d-x2.x should work too.


My test codes:

void ActionManual::onEnter()

    auto s = Director::getInstance()->getWinSize();

    _tamara->setScaleX( 2.5f);
    _tamara->setScaleY( -1.0f);
    _tamara->setPosition( Point(100,70) );
    _tamara->setOpacity( 128);

    ///  ADDED 
    auto dispatcher = Director::getInstance()->getEventDispatcher();
    auto listener = EventListenerTouchOneByOne::create();
    listener->onTouchBegan = [](Touch* touch, Event* event){
        auto sprite = event->getCurrentTarget();
        Point pt = touch->getLocation();
        Rect recTemp= sprite->boundingBox();
        if(recTemp.containsPoint(pt )) {
//        log("not touched");
        return false;
    dispatcher->addEventListenerWithSceneGraphPriority(listener, _tamara);

    _grossini->setRotation( 120);
    _grossini->setPosition( Point(s.width/2, s.height/2));
    _grossini->setColor( Color3B( 255,0,0));

    _kathia->setPosition( Point(s.width-100, s.height/2));
    _kathia->setColor( Color3B::BLUE);