how to fix CCLabelTTF::labelWithString, when text contain "\n"? (#364)

how to fix CCLabelTTF::labelWithString, when text contain "\n"? (#364)
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at first, sorry for asking this question…

i try to fix the #364 problem by my self but failed :frowning:
i’ve wait the fix for two month, can anyone help me fix the problem before new version being released?


so sorry about that. #364 isn’t so easy to fix, since the android port uses skia to render texts.
Anyone who have good approach to deal with #364 would be highly appreciated!


On my device I have problems in CCLabelTTF also for strings without - some strings truncated. Strings with odd numbers of chars if I have correctly remembered. Somebody faced it?

is this issue about the same problem?


I have builded tests and launch application on device


Is that bug(text without wrapping and line breaks) confirmed?

My device is Motorola Droid, android 2.1


It’s an planned but unfinished feature, while cocos2d-x has implemented it on other platforms such as ios, win32 …