how to fit the iphone 5 ?

how to fit the iphone 5 ?
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I use Cocos2d - x completed the 1280 * 720 resolution of the game, when transplanted into the Android set the view - > setDesignResolutionSize (1280, 720); So as long as it is 16:9 of the Android’s mobile phone, you can generate.
Now I’d like to the resolution of the game transplanted into iphone5, because the iphone is 16:9, I want to know to have method can realize
Similar transplantation to use when Android self adaptive method?


Cocos2d-x 2.0.3 has implemented setDesignResolution on iOS, but it can not work with retina display.
The latest code has more elegant implementation, it will be released in a few days.


:slight_smile: I’m looking forward to the next version.