How to create android project in cocos2dx 2.2

How to create android project in cocos2dx 2.2
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I have downloaded the latest version of cocos2dx 2.2; I wanna create an android project, but I don’t seem to find the “create-android-project.bat” and “” files. How can I create an android project without those files or where can I find those files?

Andriod Studio + Cocos2dx 2.2

in version 2.2 template creating has changed.
First you must install python on your system if cygwin is installed in your system you can download it vai cygwin or you can download it seperatly
Next go to cocos2d-x root ——->tools——>project-creator and in this folder run the for example

*python ./ project TestGamepackage com.MyCompany.TestGame -language cpp
pls wait and after minute you see that project template for all platform is created in projects folder in root of cocos2d-x

and after that you can compile c++ with ndk-built in cygwin and import the project in eclipse to compile with android

that’s it


How to create the Android project on mac. Is it same Procedure?


thank you farida Valipour it’s working fine.:slight_smile: