How make game with html5 based android?

How make game with html5 based android?
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someone pls help me, i’m newbie in here… i wanna make game html5 but based in android,can u help share source/link step by step to make it? thank u


To make an HTML5 game that works in Android you should run in the phone’s browser.

I tried running an HTML5 game in a Samsung Galaxy S browser and it didn’t work. I tried running it on Chrome for an Android 4.1.1 tablet and I could get it working perfectly, although a bit slow. I don’t know if it works for a default browser.

If you’d like to have your HTML5 game as a native app, however, you should try the Javascript bindings for cocos2d-x, which in theory allow to port your HTML5 game to native with almost no changes.


I create a game called Shuriken Attack
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using cocos2d-html5 version.
The game was created to run in desktop browsers, but I try to run it in my Ipod 4th generation(iOS 6.1) and in my Sony Xperia Mini Pro(android 4.0).
The game works perfect in iOS browser, without lags, but run terrible in android with many lags.
I think android browser need more improvements


Fabio, thank you for posting more specific examples. I have a question: how did you put your html5 game on Google Play? did you port it to Android using JS Bindings? or does Android have an html5 wrapper for applications? (BlackBerry PlayBook has one wrapper based on the AIR renderer)


First, I create a C*+ version of Shuriken Attack that runs in iOS and Android, this version I submit to ‘Google Play’.
Then I create a HTML5 version based in my C*+ my code of Shuriken Attack, this version runs in IE9 and Chrome Desktop browser this version I sumbit to Chrome Web Store.

I don’t submit the HTML5 version to Google Play, I submit it to Chrome Web Store.

I don’t use JS binding for android because in this exactly moment have some bugs and I preffer to create 2 versions of my game, an c*+ version and another HTML5 version.
In the future when the JS binding work perfect in android plataform, I pretend to maintain only the html5* js binding version.


That’s great to know, thanks!