How can I create/upgrade/downgrade cocos-based iOS project?

How can I create/upgrade/downgrade cocos-based iOS project?
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I’d like to know how can I create set of cocos2dx source files for iOS project?

There is helper scripts in cocos sources for android and blackberry, but they assume that I have separate copy of cocos2dex sources somewhere on my disk. I.e. the sources of cocos is not included into project itself.

But iOS projects are different. We have $GAMENAME/libs/cocos2dx and $GAMENAME/libs/CocosDenshion with all required sources inside the project. What it the right way to change cocos sources then? Only use template in XCode and re-create a project? But this will require me to re-install templates every time, right? Should I uninstall templates if I want downgrade to earlier version of cocos?

Maybe there is some special script to create libs for iOS without XCode for those people who knows what command line is?
Any hints are welcome.



Instead of creating a project from the template you can create a blank project and add the cocos2dx xcode project as a dependent project, so whenever you want to upgrade/downgrade you can point to the project of the required version…

If you need details on how to create that setup, refer to this link,

Check the section which says “New iOS Project via Copying”