Help using box2d with cocos2d-html

Help using box2d with cocos2d-html
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I am trying to start using box2d in a game I writing (just started from scratch) and I am having some trouble getting things to work. I have some very simple code in place, and when I even try to create a new b2world at the beginning of my layer’s init routine the entire routine seems to error out (will try to debug this but I am assuming its a simple setup or name/scope issue?).

What I have done so far is enable box2d in my cocos2d.js source file (i.e. box2d:true) and then in my init routine I have the following line of code:
// Creat the box2d world = new box2d.b2World(
new box2d.b2Vec2(0, 0), //gravity
true //allow sleep

I am a newb here with cocos2d/box2d/javascript and gaming development in general… I am posting here for help because I have not been able to find a tutorial anywhere that demonstrates step-by-step how to get this stuff (box2d specifically) working in cocos2d-html (if you have any good reference let me know:))…

I just realized that perhaps this is an issue with my build.xml file? Does that need to be updated to include the box2d javascript sources? I tried adding this to my build.xml file and still no luck…