help porting GB2ShapeCache.js to v3

help porting GB2ShapeCache.js to v3
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Hi mates,

I’m trying to port GB2ShapeCache to v3 but I’m having some problems, my javascript knowledge is very poor so I’m really lost.
My main problem is with this function. I don’t know how to port it successfully. :frowning:
Hope you could help me!

     * Adds shapes to the shape cache from file created by Physics Editor. 
     * @param {String} plist - name of the plist file to load
     * @example
     * // add Shapes to GB2ShapeCache With File
     * cc.GB2ShapeCache.getInstance().addShapesWithFile(s_shapesPlist);
    addShapesWithFile:function (plist) {
        var dict = cc.FileUtils.getInstance().dictionaryWithContentsOfFileThreadSafe(plist);

        cc.Assert(plist, "plist filename should not be NULL");
        if (!cc.ArrayContainsObject(this._loadedFileNames, plist)) {


Hi, @kaotiklabs

You can use cc.loader.getValueMapFromFile( fileurl );
In Cocos2d-JS v3.0, we have removed cc.FileUtils, you can find some documentation here:
and the upgrade guide to v3.0:



but does this work for HTML5??
I’m getting an “undefined is not a function” when using it.

should I import something else?


Holy …

Sorry, I made a mistake, the function name is not correct

cc.loader.loadJson( fileurl );


Sorry, can you elaborate a bit more? I don’t manage to get it working.

When I do this.

var dict = cc.loader.loadJson(plist);

I always get this [Error] SyntaxError: JSON Parse error: Unrecognized token ‘<’ onload (CCBoot.js, line 486)
In plist var I have the path --> res/HD/bodies.plist


Sorry again, @kaotiklabs

I haven’t noticed that you need to load a plist file, so,

// for loading a plist file 
cc.loader.loadAliases( fileurl );

// for loading a json file 
cc.loader.loadJson( fileurl );

You should use the first one


@pandamicro, still not working. Mhh if I try to use loadAliases I get this error:

TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'option.cb = function(err, results){
            if(err) cc.log(err);
            if(cb) cb(results);


Hi @kaotiklabs

:stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for misleading you around, seems like I was not so familiar with cc.loader. So I have tested this morning myself and get it working finally.

Here is what you can do:

cc.loader.load( filename );

Sorry again, I’m shamed… and here you are a doc for cc.loader: