Hello everyone. Lua Development Issue


Hello, everyone.
I have a problem when developing 2d game with lua script.
I developed the game with c++, and now I will develop it with lua.
So I create a cocos2d-x project "cocos new project -p ..* -l lua -d …"
Then how can I debug lua project?
I installed the visual studio babelua extension, but it not working,
When I developed the game with c++, it is so easy to debug.(I developed the win32 application first and change it into android and ios).
Please give me a best way to develop game with lua script.
Please help me,
Thank you,


Most times we don’t debug lua part, we only print logs, dump the tables to trace our lua program and see what happened!
I used to use Cocos code ide to debug lua codes, but cocos code ide is not maintained for a long time, and it is not recommended .