Google NaCl as new platform?


I think that this would be great if cocos2d-x have NaCl platform as option.

I’ve tried build HelloWorld recently, successfully.
Changes and additions that needed to build it yourself can be checked here:

Only major difference - resources loading, with NaCl it must be done asynchronously. So in my approach i’ve packed resources to zip-archive and download it before initializing anything. After downloading it’s mounted as VFS and all FileUtils methods loads everything from this archive.

Maybe someone wants participate in this? I do not have enough time to make complete port now.


Fantastic! I can’t wait to give this a try. I think there is a huge opportunity here for cocos2d-x.


Hi Marat Yakupov,
Nice work, I’ve tried to compile it and had a few compilation errors related to libxml2,png,jpg and Tiff.
However, the hello world is running.
Were you able to compile the third-party libraries?

I’ve noticed that the include directories in the Makefile are set with a non-existing path.


You right, forgot to add information how compile dependencies.

Ok, I’ll add information & nessesary files for naclports to build them when I return from vacation :slight_smile: Thanks for feedback.


Actually ive started developing a new family branch-off from cocos2d and cocos2d-x that specifically targets Chrome’s in development extension to native client called pnacl (llvm) using Google’s Go programming language.

Also you can use Golang as a native compiled language for Google’s AppEngine/ComputeEngine, and a few other google goodies are planned for the project.

However, as I explain on my blog, im having to work on Go’s llvm compiler frontend before I can dive into the core library, so at the moment there is only a very short tease of example code to go off of. :frowning:

However im sure everyone who uses gocos2d when its ready for production will find it a very enjoyable experience.

Some may suggest gocos2d should be claimed under the cocos2d-x family and not to fragment the projects more.
Gocos2d is a not a port of cocos2d-iphone or cocos2d-x. I dont look at the code for these projects. However I reference the cocos2d python library to make sure that the function identifiers are as familiar to developers as possible.

This is how I view the cocos2d family and why I think it’s missing a family member. All cocos2d based projects branch off to fulfill their own purpose. Cocos2d-py was made to make opengl simpler, Cocos2d-iphone was created to make mobile development simpler, and Cocos2d-x was created to make porting simpler.

Gocos2d was designed to make every aspect of the indie 2d game development process simpler. With concurrency, appengine, llvm, chrome, and a website that has huge plans you guys wont believe,(I cant disclose to much on it yet). I believe that everyone who uses cocos2d will be surprised by how fun and elegant the gocos2d development experience can be.

Im confident to say that gocos2d has a bright future and hope that cocos2d’s community will welcome this new young project into the cocos2d family with open arms.

Im too tired tonight to explain more, but ill write a blog explaining the project in more depth tomorrow. If anybody wants to get a hold of me to ask questions or anything like that, then you may send me an email.


Cool. I helped you to show out gocos2d logo in your post.


mort deus, i want use same code for all platforms, so GO can’t be chosen by me :slight_smile:


Oren Bengigi wrote:

Were you able to compile the third-party libraries?
I’ve noticed that the include directories in the Makefile are set with a non-existing path.

Look at this, hope that now you can build all dependencies yourself :slight_smile:


! This is something I’ve been trying to do myself. Thrilled to see you’ve made progress on it.

May also be relevant to publishing on Steam (as mentioned here — I think I read that you can publish on Steam with chromiumembedded ( which I believe can run NaCl apps.

Thanks for sharing! I hope to get your sample working myself.


hi I resume this old question because I think that NaCl is a new market that cocos can’t ignore. As I understood, NaCl has in old version of cocos (2.2.3) a basic example even if it was not inside the .py that generate all projects. For the new cocos there is a plan to include NaCl as new platform? How can I try to run the helloccp project on NaCl?
I have seen this '2013 code: