Future plans for win32 desktop games

Future plans for win32 desktop games
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Just wondering what the plans are for desktop PC games? I see that QWERTY keyboard support is planned for the next beta. Are you hoping you develop the PC game support further in the future?

Would love to use this for developing PC games (and possibly linux) soon, if support for keyboard/mouse, and full screen is added.

Thanks, keep up the good work!



We (folks at my company - DotEmu) has enhanced a lot Win32 port by adding several features :

  • Fullscreen support
  • Switching between windowed and fullscreen support (Alt+Tab support)

It is based on a very old Cocos-2D-X version (cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.12.0 release) but we could easily backport it to current git version.

Please tell if interested and I will try to merge then make a proper patch.


Hi Romain, thanks for the response
Yes I am very interested in those features being backported! That would be great. I am wondering if you have looked into possibly allowing the user to change resolution at run time? Have you looked into borderless window functionality? I prefer to give the user as much flexibility as possible when choosing their graphics settings.

Again, thanks very much!


Yes we did resolution switch too (except borderless windowed mode), and we have this enhanced code for both Win32 and Mac OS X.
But we before backporting, I think we should discuss how to properly extend CCApplication / CCEGLView interface here with other devs in order to comply properly with coding standards.


Resolution switching at full screen functionality would be really great! Good luck on backporting.



I would also be very interested in Win32 fullscreen support - thanks for sharing…
May I ask what’s the status of your port?



What about this port/merge?

Where we can get the code?