First mkf(20101121) of cocos2dx to airplay

First mkf(20101121) of cocos2dx to airplay
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put this mkf into Box2D directory (0.3 KB)


put this mkf into cocos2dx directory


Is .mkf he “make file” of airplay project?
Now you can fork our repository of , commit your works and send a “pull request” to me. I’ll merge your modifications to the cocos2d-x master.


Third party libraries of cocos2d-x are: xml, png, opengles and jpeg.
The versions of them are:
xml: libxml2
png: libpng14.
jpeg: Is it having version?
opengles: 1.1


ok, I have seen the “third_party_versions.txt” file on git, it is at the path cocos2dx\platform\win32\third_party, and I get the details of the version


Is there anyone actively working on an airplay port?
This would be very cool.


Maybe the new EDK of Airplay ( makes it easier to use cocos2d-x at least for Android and Iphone together with Airplay.