Error: Unable to resolve path variable "QNX_TARGET"

Error: Unable to resolve path variable "QNX_TARGET"
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Whenever I try to run the cocos2dx test projects on NDK 2.0 I get ‘Error: Unable to resolve path variable “QNX_TARGET”’

Does anyone know what might be causing this? I have been able to deploy to my playbook successfully with other apps I write but the cocos projects don’t want to work.


I was able to get the demo projects running by editing the bar-descriptor.xml file.


I replaced QNX_TARGET and CPUVARDIR with the values present in my Properties>C/C++ Build>Environment project settings. The two variables were set there, but apparently when I tried to package the application it was throwing an error? Has anyone else had this happen or know what might fix this?


You didn’t tell which OS is used as a platform for development - but if this is OS X you need add system variables to .launchd.conf file in your ~ folder.
Here is an example from my .launchd.conf (if you don’t have one you need to create it).

setenv QNX_TARGET "/Developer/SDKs/bbndk-2.0.0/target/qnx6"
setenv QNX_HOST "/Developer/SDKs/bbndk-2.0.0/host/macosx/x86"
setenv QNX_CONFIGURATION "/Users/<name of your home folder>/Library/Research In Motion/BlackBerry Native SDK"
setenv MAKEFLAGS "-I$QNX_TARGET/usr/include"
setenv DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH "/Developer/SDKs/bbndk-2.0.0/host/macosx/x86/usr/lib:$DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH"
setenv PATH “$QNX_HOST/usr/bin:$QNX_HOST/usr/qde/eclipse/jre/bin:$PATH”


Sorry, this is on Windows 7.


Run IDE from –2.0.0\bbndk.bat, this register all nessessary environment variables


Thanks! Works!