Error compile using X-Code

Error compile using X-Code
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I am new on cocos2dx. And I generate new project using “” in order to get all platform generated.
After i generate it i try to run it on the XCode to make it run on Ios simulator.
But it fail and i got this error :

If anyone has fixed this issue, please let me know.


Which version of cocos2D-x are you using? in recent versions you should run the script located in the root directory of cocos2dx. It will successfully install Cocos2dx templates to your XCode so you can easily start your cocos2dx project by selecting Cocos2dx project from the new project wizard.


I use the latest one. 2.1.5.
Yes, I do install the template. And the project was running well if I use the wizard from XCode.
But i am trying to use the new feature by generate the multiplatform project using the “”.