Eclipse rebuilds whole project (app & cocos) on every run


Dear all,

Eclipse (ndk_build.cmd and too) rebuids whole project every time i run/debug my app.
Even if there are no changes were made to any file.
I know that there is no “incremental build” in NDK, it’s acceptable to rebuild my classes every time,
but not whole cocos framework.

I faild to modify .mk files to make ndk-builder link cocos libs as static libraries.
What i’m doing wrong? Is there any normal way to run/debug android app?
Is it “newest software problem”? Downgrade eclipse or cocos is a solution?

I’m using
* cocos2d-2.1beta3-x-2.1.0
* android-ndk-r8c
* eclipse juno
* cygwin


I have the same problem, it have too long time to build project every time.


It’s a bug in android-ndk-r8c. Read this:


Thanks. I’ll add some search words to given thread.