Drop-down select menu, exists?

Drop-down select menu, exists?
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Hello guys.

I’m making a multi-language supported game, which supports languages not defined by Cocos2d-X as kLanguageX (as kLanguageEnglish). In my Options menu I want to add a selector where players will be able to change the game’s language. I wanted to use a selector as HTML’s select (http://www.w3schools.com/html/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_select2), but it seems there’s no support for it in Cocos2d or its extensions.
I can see three options: try to use a Javascript binding to generate this select, extend CCMenuItem and create my CCMenuItemSelect or implement a JNI binding to use android’s UI. As I’m short in time, I wanted the fastest way to implement this menu.
Do any of you guys know how to easily implement this kind of menu?

I think that, for me, as I don’t have any experience implementing JS bindings or JNI, extending CCMenuItem would be the best choice.

Any ideas? Should I go with extending CCMenuItem?

Thanks in advance.