drawText with Asian Characters doesn't work

drawText with Asian Characters doesn't work
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I’m trying to draw text - Korean - by using CCLabelTTF* node on CCMenuItem. As English text has no problem on any platform what I’ve test on but Korean text doesn’t draw correctly.
I guess it could be Character code problem, so i change my source code from ANSI to UTF-8 and UTF-8(without BOM), even in UTF-16. but nothing solved my problem.

Before put down my situation in detail, I’d like to ask people here that current version of Cocos2dX has no problem to draw Asian Character like Korean, Chinese…?
I’m using 2.0 rc2 (2.0.1), usually on Maramalade.

Thank you for reply ahead.



I think that the test project has several tests with chinese characters, have you looked at that?


I already tested it, for example, LabelTest in cocos2d.

in LabelTest, China in Chinese character, but rendered in broken character.
Source code, LabelTest.cpp encoded in UTF-8 (without BOM).

I don’t know why yet.


maybe the problem is with your FNT file. Does it work if you use non chinese languages?


found why it doesn’t work well…

the problem is caused by VS2010. I replaced string in source code with string from xml file then it works fine.

But different problem comes up now.

I’m using Marmalade as target platform and deploy application to android, Galaxy S3.

On both of mobile device and win32 with Maramalade, font (even in english) doesn’t show anything.
It seem to be problem of mixed use of Marmalade and Cocos2dX. After removing Marmalade in my project, then I will report it again.



Without Maramalde, TTF font rendering works fine.

This is the first time to build project only with cocos2d for android.
It’s not easy work rather than my guess.

In term of development cost, I think working with Marmalade and Cocos2dx is quite good choice if you don’t matter the price of Maramalde.