Doesn't work on IE9

Doesn't work on IE9
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I’m trying to run demo HelloHTML5World on IE9, but everytime I do this, I get same error in the file jsloader.js string 110, symbol 5: “var c = d.querySelector(‘#cocos2d-html5’).c;”.
Error - “Can’t get value c-property. Object is NULL or is undefined”

Can you fix this problem or help to fix it. It is very important to me.

P.S. Windows 7 Ultimate x64,
IE 9.0.8112.16421


did you modify the .html file? or did you add some external scripts?

Cocos2d.js saves configuration to a HTMLElement, then later will get loaded by the game.

some methods of DOM manipulation flushes out any custom properties


No, I didnt modify anything. Just run HelloHTML5World.

First I try to run my project on IE9, but failed, then I tryed to run “Hello” and got same error described above.

Maybe here is some settings, which can generate this behaviour?


Just right now I redownloaded archive and after trying to run “HelloHTML5World”, got same error. So, I’m sure it’s not about of my changes…

P.S. I didn’t change any sources in engine or tests projects, only in my own.


The bug is caused by IE plugins and toolbars flushing the html on the page, causing it to lose any attributes associated with elements.

Fix is on the way


Thanks a lot!


Can anyone let me know the status of this bug.

Two people with standard IE9 on Windows Vista tell me that my game just goes black screen after the asset loading is complete.


I found, that bug described above doesnt exist, if i compile project into single file. But, if i reload project on IE9, i have to press F5 or i can see only black screen.




I’ll ask one of my “tester” to try the Hello World and Moon Warriors game to see if this has a problem on IE9 (Windows Vista)


I had a rookie error in my code, which was preventing it working in IE :frowning:

Seems to work fine now :wink: