Does cocos2d-x have templates for xcode 4 ?

Does cocos2d-x have templates for xcode 4 ?
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I just downloaded that latest build 0.8.4 and I see a shell script for xcode 3 templates. I run this script but xcode 4 doesn’t recoqnize them.

Are there also xcode 4 templates availabled ?


Because Xcode 4 is too slow and has many bugs, so we haven’t template for it.


Yep. Friends in this community told me the truth is that, “xcode4 is full of bugs, it crashes every 10 minutes, the interface editor is working like crap”, and he will switch back to xcode3.
oh, how terrible it is… :frowning:



I use xcode 4 for a month now and I didn’t crash once for me. I think it is very good.


Xcode 4 is good. This is not a good excuse.