Demon Hunter on Google Play

Demon Hunter on Google Play
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Hey Guys,

I have launch my first game in google play. I have create C++ wrappers for the Tapjoy API and In App billing API, so the core game code doesn’t have any android specified code. I hope I can just change the class to IOS version and launch in Apple App Store. You may download the game to see how the application work.

However, I have some questions, when I call CCDirector::shareDirector()->end() it hold around 6 second before it can quit the application. Is there any method to shorten the time? if I don’t call end() , will android release all the memory allocated by the process when the process terminated?

here is my game link:



a> Great stuff with getting a solid looking game on the store, plays very smoothly, shooting works well
b> First text I saw was a typo - I hate that sort of thing, but easy to fix. (“Tap to shot monster” => should be “shoot”).
c> As you said, quitting out very slow.
d> Only real major thing that annoyed me is that when you popup a message, you don’t pause the game underneath. Need to do that - I levelled up, and wanted to see what was going on, but I could see monsters still walking across my screen underneath! Same with the shop etc - you need to pause the game to encourage people to spend, not panic back to the game.

Overall - very tidy little game, well done.



Hi Jason,

Thanks for your comment, I will pause it and fix the typo in the coming version. Thanks.



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