Debug issues with Hello World

Debug issues with Hello World
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Hi, I just start my Hello World in VC++ Express 2010

Now the problem is , I can build solution successfully, but when I start debug by press “F5”, it show errors: “……… libBox2D.lib is an unrecognized or unsupported binary format”

Can somebody tell me why?

Thanks a lot!

can't start cocos2d\Release.win32\libBox2d.lib

What project in the Solution Explorer (left side of the screen) is written in bold? If it’s libBox2D, you’re trying to start that project as an executable instead of the HelloWorld sample.

You can start / debug HelloWorld by using the context menu (right click on HelloWorld), choose “Debug” and “Start new instance”. To start HelloWorld by default when pressing the play button from the toolbar, use the context menu to set the project as startup project.



Cool. Got it! I can really start debug now.

Amazing! Now I can dev game in windows and deploy in MAC OS!