Cygwin(ining) files. Cant compile own custom files.

Cygwin(ining) files. Cant compile own custom files.
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So, at first playing around with cocos (version 0.13.0 (2012-03-29) on windows using VS), I did stuff on helloworld.cpp and .h files, once I am done, I create an android project, then in newly created folder (somename/classes) I replace those Helloworld.cpp and .h files with my own and then I build it using cygwin. I do understand that I am probably missing something at this point because moving all cpp and header files to a folder along with the resources manually is a bit dull. However, it worked. Now I decided that I will have my own cpp files which obviously will describe scenes. The problem - i cant compile them. In the image attached you will see that each of those errors has to do with my own cpp files: “Menu::scene” is in separate files, same goes with Intro::scene error.
The errors says that it is undefined reference, but with the project on VS runs just fine. So, my guess is that cygwin is not aware of my menuscene.cpp and introscene.cpp files and how do tell it to compile? Is there somewhere a list of files that cygwin reads and compiles or what?

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