Cut The Rope Tutorial port to cocos2d-x

Cut The Rope Tutorial port to cocos2d-x
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Hello friends…
I am making port of Cut the rope tutorial-great tutorial from
Part 1 : - complete
Part 2 : - last portion left
80% port is done.just left part is to eat candy to crocodile.

Task done : Remove rope from scene after cut - complete
Task not done : Removing with animation.

The github link contains the source code…

(Don’t forget to change ndk root and cocos2dx root from


Great work! do you have any blog where you are posting this kind of things?


Hello @Jesus Bosch…glad to hear your response and for pointing about code posting blog.I do not have one now but going to start to put all things together there.
Have you used the code and found the problem which i am talking about?
Sorry as i have put not much comments than the original tutorial…


no, I can’t help you there sorry :frowning:


Ok i will figure out there once i complete with current work…In the meantime will wait if somebody(like @Igor Zavorotkin :slight_smile: ) find some better solution for that method…


Rope cutting crashing issue solved and updated to github…
Thank you @Igor Zavorotkin