Custom actions after upgrading to 2.0

Custom actions after upgrading to 2.0
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In my code I have some custom actions; in my case, classes inheriting CCActionInterval or CCActionInstant. I notice a difference in how update method is called between 1.0.1 and 2.0, and I feel I need help understanding when the framework calls update and what are the values of its time argument.

Before the upgrade, the update methods, of both classes inheriting CCActionInterval and inheriting CCActionInstant, were always called at least once with time=1.0. From what I see now, in version 2.0, the update method of the instant actions is called only once with time=0. Is it always so? Can I assume that, in version 2.0, in classes inheriting CCActionInstant, the update method will be called only once and the time value will always be zero?

Thank you.