CSCissor functionality missing

CSCissor functionality missing
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Hey guys! I’m using your framework.
Actually we are porting our game from Objective C to HTML5. In both versions we are using your framework.

Porting goes well. But there is a problem with CScissor class. It exists in Obj C version and missing in HTML5 version.

So. We need a functionality of masking (scissoring)… selective displaying areas… (just to make things clear).
Is there any way to do that in HTML5 version of cocos2d?

Thanks for reply!


Cocos2d-html5 doesn’t support CSCissor on canvas rendering mode. we will support it on WebGL rendering mode soon.

you can use clip() method in canvas mode, sample code:
context.arc(this.*origin.x, this.*origin.y, this.*radius, * this.*startAngle, (Math.PI / 180) * this._endAngle, false);
context.lineTo(this.*origin.x, this.*origin.y);


Any support of scissor test now? Thanks.