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Cross - Platform
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Here is my failed attempt at creating a cross platform (ios/android) project:

  1. I have cocos2dx xcode template installed and created a new cocos2dx project based on it.
  2. I then removed the libs folder in it
  3. Then I created a folders `libs` in the root folder of the project, where PROJ.xcodeproj resides.
  4. and then copied the cocos2dx and CocosDenshion folders (from the original cocos2dx folder) to the newly created libs
  5. Then I included the newly created libs in xcode and updated Header Search Paths to include the new Path of cocos2dx.

Assuming the whole process will include android versions of cocos2dx in the project folder, so I can create a cocos2dx-android project later and put it in the same directory and link it.

But I am getting following 2 errors:

  1. User Defined Issue: “Cannot recognize the target platform; are you targeting an unsupported platform?” in projroot/libs/cocos2dx/platform/CCPlatformConfig.h
  2. android/log.h not found in projroot/libs/cocos2dx/platform/android/CCPlatformDefine.h

Can someone please tell me, if this is how its done. If yes, how to fix this errors or I am doing this completely wrong?