Cross-platform input

Cross-platform input
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Hey guys,

I’m writing a game that is targeted for both desktop and mobile platforms. This involves some sort of centralised way to get the game to behave depending on what platform is running/whatnot, which I’m already writing.

However, I have a few questions. I’ve already tested the touch functionality for Cocos2D-X, which works great. But I still have some doubts:

• Keyboard input, is it the same as Cocos2D-iPhone? I’ve heard conflicting reports by skimming through this forum.

• Joystick (gamepad) support? I’ve been having fun recently getting my PSP to behave as a computer gamepad, and I was wondering if I can implement support for the stuff in Cocos2D-X. Is there some kind of delegate, or some tutorial or extension I can use?

• Plist files? I know this doesn’t qualify as input, but seeing as I’ve already posted… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance!