crashed when press home button (playBackgroundMusic on itouch4 & ipad2)


when I use the function playBackgroundMusic to play music in the game, and press the home button,the program will crash.
And this does not happen on simulator but only happen on real machine.The cocos2d-x version is 0.9.1.
If you run the CocosDenshionTest of cocos2d-x , press the “playBackgroundMusic” label,and press the home button,this
will happen again!
The lastest version 0.9.2 published on Oct.20 also has the same problem.
Plz notice that this problem only happens on real machine.

crash.jpg (91.4 KB)


Thanks for your report. Bug #843 created.
But I had to downgrade my ipad to 4.3 to reproduce this bug, oops… Therefore I hope it also happens on ios5 :slight_smile: