crash opengl/es on iphone with IOS 5

crash opengl/es on iphone with IOS 5
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Dear Team

i updated last nite my ipad and iphone TO IOS 5 .Since then i cannot deploy on IPHONE but i can on IPAD …

i put here the stack trace.

Thread 0 Crashed:
0 libsystem_kernel.dylib 0x32aa9a1c pthread_kill + 8
1 libsystem_c.dylib 0x339523b4 pthread_kill + 52
2 libsystem_c.dylib 0x3394abf8 abort + 72
3 IMGSGX535GLDriver 0x30b209ae glrReturnNotPermittedKillClient + 22
4 IMGSGX535GLDriver 0x30b245f6 SubmitPacketsIfAny + 262
5 IMGSGX535GLDriver 0x30b2469c gldFlush + 4
6 GLEngine 0x30342b68 gliPresentViewES + 184
7 OpenGLES 0x31d4c2fc + 36
8 Funletters 0x00148768

9 Funletters 0x00145360 cocos2d::CCEGLView::swapBuffers
10 Funletters 0x00159520 cocos2d::CCDirector::drawScene
11 Funletters 0x0015a3bc cocos2d::CCDisplayLinkDirector::mainLoop
12 Funletters 0x00144fe4 -
13 QuartzCore 0x33636be4 CA::Display::DisplayLink::dispatch + 144
14 QuartzCore 0x33636d0c CA::Display::IOMFBDisplayLink::callback + 44
15 IOMobileFramebuffer 0x302579c0 IOMobileFramebufferVsyncNotifyFunc + 68
16 IOKit 0x308446e4 IODispatchCalloutFromCFMessage + 192
17 CoreFoundation 0x3372dbd8
CFMachPortPerform + 204

any idea, i search by my side as well.

thank you



Could you please paste a simple program to let me reproduce this crash? It’s just like, “you run this lins of code it will certainly crash on ios5”.



we were close to release when we did the error to upgrade to ios5
i tried next to this try , i took the code form the master branch and executed the standard helloworld application that use to work so well , and same crash.
Please try it with the Helloworld then .

About the test case, it was an iphone 3gs upgraded to IOS5 the previous version was the 4.3.x.the app use to work well ( opengl es 1.1 ? )
what is strange is my old Ipad didnt complaint…
Tonite i try with an ipad 2.I will tell you the result.
Do you know how to get the code from the branch gles2? the git checkout -b didint work .

Can i help to support opengl/es2 or it is already done ???

Kind regards


that work on ipad 2


No the branch is not already. You are welcome to help us.
I think you can use git checkout -b to get the branch.
If it can not work, you can fork cocos2d-x, then you will have all branches of it.

Thank you in advance.