Controllable Page Flip

Controllable Page Flip
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Hi all,

I want to create controllable page turn in cocos2d-x.
Now, i still use CCTransitionPageTurn for my project, but my client want that page turn can be controlled.

I already check CCPageTurn3D that is used by CCTransitionPageTurn. But i still don’t know how, CCPageTurn3D make that magic on update(float time) function.
How to make it controllable ?

—sorry for my bad english—



Hi all, Sorry before.
Anyone can help me ?



extend CCPageTurn3D and rewrite the update function to get the touchmoved position, also you need to enable touch.

then, in your normal scene, you must have a way to initiate page turn, such as if touch began at bottom right corner

initiate pageturn, and director will switch scene to pageturn transition scene