cocostudio-v0.3.3.0 released!

cocostudio-v0.3.3.0 released!
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cocos2d-x 2.1.5a:

Update: Version Update

Start Page:

  1. Modify the start page. User can choose the render mode according to actual machine hardware.
  2. Modify the language setting position in the start page.

UI Editor:
Fix the following bugs:

  1. Lose the export project files after exporting the project when FNT file and the large image file are different names .
  2. Read- only image can’t be previewed in the resource .
  3. Controls can’t aligned in the render zone after scaling the canvas .

Scene Editor:

  1. Support for wav format music.
  2. Improve simulator playing. Scene editor can play the selected the action.
  3. Fix the bug: Fail to create the object in object struct.
  4. Fix the bug: Resource can’t update according to the resource folder.

Animation Editor:
Fix the following bugs:

  1. Fail to open the flash project.
  2. Overlap the frame problem when dragging several frames.
  3. Bone can be renamed the repeat name .
  4. Animation can be renamed the repeat name.
  5. Frame zone can’t be refreshed when opening the project.
  6. New frame can’t record the current frame property
  7. Bone image resource can’t change according to rename the file folder in the resource.
  8. Fail to play animation when modify the play speed after pause.

cocos2dx 2.1.5a Update:

  1. CCJsonReader modify to CCSSceneReader.
  2. CCJsonReader ::sharedSceneReader modify to CCSSceneReader::sharedSceneReader().
  3. CCJsonReader::purgeJsonReader modify to CCSSceneReader::purgeSceneReader.
  4. CCJsonReader::createNodeWithJsonFile modify to CCSSceneReader::createNodeWithSceneFile.


Awesome, thanks!

BTW, I’ve noticed some small typos (or perhaps translation errors?) in the English UI. I’m more than willing to try and fix those mistakes (as well as making a Spanish translation) should the proccess of editing the language files used by CocoStudio prove to be not too cumbersome.

Do you know if there’s a way I can help and contribute to this project? (No, I do not speak Chinese)


This is great , but i couldn’t make UI animation to work , no animation plays in scene editor run-time and in game too,
i played action with UIActionManager playActionByName , but it’s not practical way of doing this , another thing is it doesn’t seem to be possible to change animation name in UI animation ,
and there is a bug in audioComponent , it adds a null audio to json file even if you don’t use audio in project