CocosBuilder animation's coordinate system issue

CocosBuilder animation's coordinate system issue
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It seems that CocosBuilder use world coordinates for all its animations.
For example, in the cocosbuilder sample project, if I bind the grossini to my code, and alter its position:

  • (void) pressedFunky:(id)sender
    self.grossini.position = CGPointMake(20, self.grossini.position.y);
    [animationManager runAnimationsForSequenceNamed:@“Funky” tweenDuration:0.3f];

My expectation is that the “funky” animation should be played at the position (20,self.grossini.position.y).

Instead, the grossini moves to that position but immediately move back to its original position, then the animation is played.

How do I achieve the effect of playing an animation created by CocosBuilder anywhere I want? (I tried putting the grossini node under a parent node and alter the position of the parent but it doesn’t work)


In TestAnimations.ccb, the grossini is just a container CCNode. All animation key frames are set on its children, such as arms, legs, body, etc.
So I think the correct behavior of changing grossini’s position should be playing the animation at that position, instead of tweening the grossini back to its CocosBuilder-given position.