CocosBuilder 2.1 and Cocos2dx

CocosBuilder 2.1 and Cocos2dx
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Hello everyone, I’ve got problem with CCB and cc2dx.

I’m doing something like this:

CCNodeLoaderLibrary* nodeLoader = CCNodeLoaderLibrary::sharedCCNodeLoaderLibrary();
CCBReader* reader = new CCBReader(nodeLoader);

CCNode *node = reader~~>readNodeGraphFromFile;

Just like in sample codes.

Default sample from cocosbuilder - layer with font works fine, but when I add even single sprite I get error from attachment.

I don’t get it - cocos2dx does work with any specific CocosBuilder version?

screen.png (196.6 KB)


Are you sure that you have included the desired resource?
I got the same error. However, as soon as I added the desired resources the error gone away automatically.