[Cocos2dx] Android Project is too big

[Cocos2dx] Android Project is too big
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I created 2 projects(1 ios and 1 android project) with Cocos2dx 2.1. I built Android project on Eclipse, the size of Android Project is 104mb, but the size of iOS Project is only 18mb
I think Android Project is too big, i don’t know how to make it smaller


Are you talking about the size of the project files on disk, or the size of the application bundle it creates? My project files are pretty big on disk too, but that’s because there’s a copy of all your resources in the assets folder, and lots of intermediate files in the bin and gen folders too. XCode has all this stuff too, it’s just hidden away in a Library folder somewhere…

If you’re talking about having a very large binary or application bundle then you’ve probably got something set up in Eclipse that isn’t supposed to be there. Check the final bundle for extra files that you weren’t expecting, and track it down that way.