cocos2d-x v3 supported android versions?

cocos2d-x v3 supported android versions?
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will v3.0 of cocos2d-x support android 2.3? In previous versions it did, but it appears that in the latest rev of v3 the targeted version of android is 3.2+. Is this the official decision moving forward?

At the very least, I am having issues deploying to android 2.3 using the latest cocos2d-x v3 source which previously was working on my android 2.3 device.



Ok, sorry, spoke to soon. It still does work on android 2.3, but if you are working from a project built against a v3 rev from at least a month ago, things have changed enough it is best to just generate a brand new sample android project and base it from there.

Note, it also looks like you need to slightly modify the Anrdoid manifest, “configChanges” line, but you can then still install to android 2.3 devices


Yes, 2.3 is supported.