cocos2d-x screen coordinate

cocos2d-x screen coordinate
0.0 0


i have a problem with cocos2d-x screen coordinate
i add sprite to the screen and went to add touch event but when i use this code in containsTouchLocation:
return CCRect::CCRectContainsPoint(CCRectMake((p~~>getPosition.x~~(p~~>getTextureRect.size.width/2)* p~~>getScaleX()),
(p~~>getPosition.y~~(p~~>getTextureRect.size.height/2)* p~~>getScaleY()),
p~~>getTextureRect.size.width * p~~>getScaleX(),
p~~>getTextureRect.size.height * p~~>getScaleY()), convertTouchToNodeSpaceAR(touch));

the sprite not any answer to touch and return false


Maybe this post help you -