cocos2d-x on Windows and other desktop OSs

cocos2d-x on Windows and other desktop OSs
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I am very glad you are doing that great project of porting cocos2d to C**. I just downloaded the win32 git and it runs nice on Windows 7 64 bits with Visual C** 10 ultimate. My only gripe is that there is that PowerVR window behind main window. I know cocos2d-x uses openGL ES and so the need of that Power VR application, but is there any plan to make desktop cocos2d-x free of that program? I mean, would it be a cocos2d-x “real” port for win32, mac os x or linux using openGL, without the need to use that PowerVR thing?

Thank you very much and keep with that great project! :slight_smile:


That’a a good news! We havn’t tested it on Win7 64 bits, and havn’t compiled & run it in VC++ 10. but it sounds working well.

Ricardo Quesada in his cocos2d-iphone-0.99.5 have done this case: OpenGL ES 1.1 functions for iPhone, and parallelly OpenGL functions for Mac.
By now, cocos2d-x is ported from cocos2d-iphone-0.99.4 final. Once riq publish 0.99.5-final, we will upgrade cocos2d-x immediatly.
That is, we will use OpenGL directly instead of PowerVR OpenGL ES libraries on win32 and mac version as soon as 0.99.5 upgraded. This may do in 1~2 months in the near future.


Thanks for your answer, Walzer. So when cocos2-x uses openGL (not openGL ES) we would be able to make also Windows and Mac OS X games, correct? :slight_smile:


Yes, multiplatform from Windows to Mac OS X.
But notice that cocos2d-x isn’t as large as airplay sdk, it only offers gameing features. If your game have call messagebox, dialog, file read/write, these parts are beyond cocos2d-x