cocos2d-x for developing windows games - what do you think?

cocos2d-x for developing windows games - what do you think?
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i am planning to write a 2d platform/adventure game for windows platforms and i came across cocos2d-x which looks great!
i love the fact that it is so multiplatform and after i am done i can fairly easily move it to other platforms.
i am just a bit afraid that it is very fitting mobile platforms and less for windows based games.
are my fears based?
what is your experience with developing games for windows (xp/7 and now…8) and would you recommend it?
any issues i should be aware of?

thank you!



I’m afraid that rendering with OpenGL is not as stable as Direct3D on windows desktop series.
You can easily install & upgrade OpenGL driver on your development environment, but not do players.
In my experience, it’s very common to meet com compatibility problem when using cocos2d-x to publish windows games.
The major purpose on win32 port is to debug android games easily.


Agree with “upstair”.


Is the latest version of Cocos2d-x good enough for developing 2D windows games?


i like to know also …
i know they added the full screen mode .
and all the external lib’s are working in windows so i don’t see any reason why not