Cocos2D-X 2_2_1 New Project Warnings

Cocos2D-X 2_2_1 New Project Warnings
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Hello guys,

I just got Cocos2D-X 2.2.1 installed and created a new IOS/Android project.
When I run the project in xcode I can see the Hello World project running fine in the iPhone simulator, but I can see 32 warnings in xcode.
Here are screenshots of the warnings:

Is there a way to fix this warnings?

I’ll appreciate any help,


Cocos2d-X_2_2_1_Warnings_01.png (512.0 KB)

Cocos2d-X_2_2_1_Warnings_02.png (439.0 KB)


I guess you might safely ignore them but if you wish you still can disable those warnings in your project Build Settings (though not recommended). There’re options to disable the Unused Parameters, Unused variables or Deprecated Functions warnings.
Regarding the unused parameter you can get rid of those warnings using the CC_UNUSED_PARAM marco.



Thanks Laurent Zubiaur.

I guess I’m going just to ignore the warnings. Are you guys developing having these warnings? Or am I the only one having these warnings?


I have the same warnings regarding box2d (b2prismaticjoint etc…) but not for the UIAccelerometer though.


Maybe I’m getting extra cocos2dx warnings because a set the Deployment Target to 6.0