[cocos2d-html5 v2.1.2beta] PROBLEM with single engine build

[cocos2d-html5 v2.1.2beta] PROBLEM with single engine build
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I have a problem trying to build any single-engine versions of the examples or my own tests using v2.1.2beta. The application fails to start on any browser with an assertion failure;

“Assertion failed: CCApplication ctor”

It appears that something’s not quite working when the source files are packed together using ant+build.xml.

Also, as noted in another post, there’s some problems with setDesignResolutionSize (it’s used in the template folder/examples). I have to comment this out else the app doesn’t work correctly.


// greg


You’re right.

I try to open template/index.html, but it doesn’t work correctly too. These problems is cause by setDesignResolutionSize function.

I will fix this issue.

Thank you for your feedback.