Cocos2d.h Inclusion Issue in Android

Cocos2d.h Inclusion Issue in Android
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I have used Eclipse Helios 3.6.2 for Java development. I wanted to start C++ development in the same IDE so I installed Autotools Support For CDT, C/C+ Development Tools, C/C+ Library API Documentation Hover Help plugins**.

My Cocos2D-X version is cocos2d-2.0-rc2-x-2.0.1. Adt Version is 18.0.

I have included #include “cocos2d.h” in my HelloWorldScene.h file now when writing the below statement

cocos2d::CCSprite ccSprite;*

I am not getting auto completion bar(template proposals) on writing like coco and pressing Ctrl + Space from my keyboard. What can be the problem?

This might help you solve my problem. Please check [[]]. This is what I got after clicking Right Click Project > Index> Search for Unresolved Index. But I have added all includes check [[]]. I think this is causing problem in Content Assist. What should I do in this case? Inclusion seems proper.

Another question is why create-android-project.bat file asks for Cygwin? For what purpose Cygwin is used? If I dont have Cygwin would it be possible to create project? Is there any alternative for Cygwin? I have installed Cygwin and file has became 3.6 GB in my C drive thats why I am asking it’s significance/alternative.


@Walzer: I will try a new setup for my first problem.
But for Cygwin. Please reply regarding Cygwin. Its really huge setup/download. Is there any alternative?