Chipmunk staticBody shape display abnormally

Chipmunk staticBody shape display abnormally
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Hi,I have modified the ChipmunkTest.js (the thickness to 100) of tests

line 1141:
var ramp = space.addShape(new cp.SegmentShape(space.staticBody, v(100, 100), v(300, 100),100));

The balls can’t touch the ramp ,There are Some distance between The balls and the ramp.

See the attachment please!

h.jpg (18.9 KB)


its a bug in debug draw when drawing segment line width

In chipmunk, when you specify a segment line to have 50px of width, its actually 50px added to each side, and ended up being 100px
the draw node didn’t take account of that doubling effect, so it appears to be not touching