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I did a translation of my game to Chinese, i am not sure if i mess up a bit with the font and texts.
Could somebody native install it and tell me if it is too offset?

By the way you don’t have to click on the ad, just wait a bit and it will disappear :smiley:



Awesome! The effect is super cool! Please tell me if I can paid a full version without admob.
Some words are not native enough, please send me the language table or config file (walzer at, it’s my pleasure to translate them.


Hi, Sergio, I just send you an email, attaching the modified string_zh.xml.
Hope my translation can help you.


Man!, thanks :smiley:

Don’t worry about the full version I will send you a version for free when it is ready and every game i create :smiley:
Your work in cocos is awesome i really like the system and i am learning a lots of bits in design by using it.

The market version is just a test, after finishing i will relaunch it again both in Iphone and Android.


I’m not sure if you received the email & attachment.
Just attach the xml here


Yes!, i’ve got the email. Thanks very much indeed, weird that you don’t get my emails.